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 Historically, the territory of Weinan was changed with the evolution of dynasties over and over again. Take Tongzhou Prefecture in Qing Dynasty, Weinan Prefecture in 1953 and Weinan Prefecture after 1984 for example.
Tongzhou Prefecture in Qing Dynasty, 120 km and 225 km from the east to the west and from the south to the north respectively, covered an area of 13,563 km2, and established prefectural city in Dali County, 30 km east to Yongji County (subject to Puzhou Prefecture of Shanxi Province),66 km west to Fuping County (subject to Xi’an Prefecture)...
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In 2009, Weinan governs one district (Linwei District), two cities (Hancheng City and Huayin City), eight counties (Huaxian, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Chengcheng, Baishui, Heyang and Fuping), Hi-tech Development Zone, 110 towns, 73 townships, 13 sub-districts, 196 town and township offices, 180 community committees, 3,221 village committees and 17,882 village groups.
Administrative division of all cities, districts and counties.
Linwei District governs 15 towns, 7 townships, 6 sub-districts, 28 town and township offices, 51 community committees...
Weinan overview

Weinan City, located in central China, being intersection of western and eastern land, and east portal of northwestern China, is included in Xi’an Metropolis Half-hour Economic Circle. Weinan City, known as “main road of Shaanxi Province and thoroughfare for eight provinces” in ancient times, neighbors the Central Plain to its east, North China to the north and southwest China to the south, with golden market strategy location. Weinan City governs one district (Linwei District), two county-level cities (Hancheng City and Huayin City), eight counties (Huaxian, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Chengcheng, Baishui, Heyang and Fuping), governmental agencies (National Hi-tech Development Zone, Shaanxi Provincial Economic & Technological Development Zone and Luyanghu Modern Industries Development Zone), 142 towns and townships (offices) as well as 3,221 administrative villages, with permanent resident population of 5.52 million, and total area of 13,100 km2. Its developed traffic network consists of two expressways (Lianyungang – Huoerguosi and Xi’an – Yumenkou), two national roads (108 and 310), and seven railways (Lianyungang – Lanzhou, Xi’an – Yan’an, Xi’an – Hancheng, Xi’an – Nanjing, Xi’an – Zhengzhou, etc.). Weinan has built total highway of 17,000 km and total expressway of 325.8 km, achieving railway and expressway throughout each county and highway throughout each town and village, and its 100% road popularizing rate ranks the 1st among all cities of Shaanxi Province.